1 Dress 3 Ways

Some people think only gray sweaters, basic t-shirts, or black pencil skirts can be worn in multiple way, but even crazy clothing can be versatile. Here is an Ark and Co. dress worn three different ways:

What you cannot see is that in addition to the zip-up front, the dress also has an open back. If you wanted to wear it to work you could try a jacket or thick sweater but then you can’t take it off for the rest of the day. Instead, I paired it with a button-down which ruffle on either side of the buttons. Although the pattern features navy, not black, the under layer is black so I was able to match the shirt, the shoes, and tights.

I picked the blazer for a light business casual look. Because I shed the opaque tights, this could be appropriate for an after work party. The hemline is still above my knees so I stuck with the gold buckle shoes with a thick, 1.5 inch heel. I also added some jewelry to make it more glamorous like these peal and rhinestone earrings.

We probably won’t be seeing feather as much as last winter so the hairband is a tribute to the flirty feather skirts that rocked last season. This outfit was also about having fun and looking youthful so I added a studded belt, glitzy sandals, and another layer of tulle by layering a skirt underneath the dress. There are no pictures of the back, but because I left my shoulders bare it also means more skin. Since it’s so busy in the front I think it would be fun to add the long necklace in the second look and wear it so it hangs backward. It’s never a bad thing to mix it up! To buy what I’m wearing go to: StyleSays.com/fashionscoopamy



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