Lemon Lime– And Other Shades Of Leather

Leather used to be a material reserved for jackets and shoes, but now you might see it anywhere you go. Even more unusual is that you’ll find just as many leather skirts in black and brown as you will green, red, and blue. Cheers for the edgy biker fabric getting a taste of the rainbow! If you love the idea but only wear animal friendly clothing, you can buy an imitation in vegan leather which can be made from a variety of artificial leathers. (Try to pick one that is also environmental friendly.) Even if you’re not interested in saving the cows, a leather substitute is the gentler option for your wallet. Below are my picks for both leather and non-leather mini-skirts. Happy shopping!

*FL- means faux leather, L- means real leather

L Any Color Skirt, American Apparel- $125








FL Green Skirt, Lulus.com- $42









FL Red Skirt, Forever 21- $23









L Purple Skirt, Catherine Malandrino, Isaay.com- $495


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