Not Your Middle School Backpack

I used to despise backpacks. I would leave school hunched over from the weight of three dense paperbacks, two textbooks, and an assortment of pens, markers, and highlighters and then clutch my six notebooks in a firm grip wishing I could just plop everything into a beautiful Birkin bag. I never stopped at my locker, so my backpack was by my side all day long. As a result of its permanent presence I wanted something stylish. If clothing was a representation of who I was, then surely my scuffed and worn accessory was too. While some had initials or pink straps I never saw one that had the room for my stuff and a cute design. The best I found was a bag marked with pink initials and thickly padded shoulder straps. But the children of today have fantastic options. If you’re not in school you can use a backpack to tote your computer to the library, stow it in the locker room at the gym, or use it as a piece of luggage. Only backpacks like these can make you think about middle school wistfully. These are my picks: $50







Aeropostale- $20






Topshop- $56







Victoria’s Secret Pink- $45







Urban Outfitters, Kimchi Blue- $59

2 thoughts on “Not Your Middle School Backpack

  1. I loove the last one! In high school I could never have a “cool” backpack because I too, had way too many books to carry. It was so annoying! Now, I’m out of college and don’t have a need for one- but all of these great designs keep coming out! Ces’t la vie.

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