Animal Novelty Sweaters

You swore you would never dress like Aunt May, even when you turn 75, but suddenly your friends are doing it… and they are a decades below senior citizen age. Blame it on the annual tradition of ugly sweater parties which are have become the must-have event of the year for twenty to thirty-year-olds. As a result you can now find sweaters with bells and whistles (literally) in fashion-forward shops. The alternative to Santa, light-up evergreen trees, and singing dreidels are quirky animal heads or a large print of a wildlife creature on an oversized or brightly colored knit. If you wear them with confidence the look is ironically stylish and “where did you get that?” cool. Here are my picks:

Bunny Pullover, PacSun, Kirra- $33

Tiger Crew Sweater,, Hive and Honey- $59

Polar Bear Pullover, Urban Outfitters, Pins and Needles- $59

Penguin Sweater, Net-a-Porter, Tibi- $375

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