Garters On Display

Maybe you made a resolution for 2013 to volunteer more or be a kinder toward strangers but there is no harm in indulging in some style naughtiness. Garters were introduced as something used to keep thigh-high stockings up, but they evolved into a tantalizing undergarment accoutrement worn by old-fashion seductresses. Recently, we’ve encountered two nuanced ways to wear the style. Mock garters straps attach to “winter hotpants” aka cut-out leggings that connect the portion at your thigh to the rest of the material with a buckle or a thin strip of fabric. The more modest way is to get tights that have an line as a garter illusion. These are my picks

Velvet Leggings- Widow, $57

garter leggings







Pleather Leggings- $25

garter leggings







Jersey Leggings- $148

garter leggings







Tights- Pretty Polly, Nordstrom, $25

garter tights

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