Influenster SweetHeart VoxBox Review

This year I got a belated Valentine from the team at Influenster!
It was stuffed with four goodies to help a lady look and feel her best.

beach babe spray1. Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray, $6- The spray has a nice tropical coconut smell making you feel like your tousled hair was blown just so on an island beach. I try to avoid putting salt in my hair because I don’t want to dry it out, but this spray didn’t make it stringy and lackluster. My hair is very thick, and I think may have worked better with less hair. It did add a subtle kinkiness, but not the effect I would expect from actually taking a dip in the ocean. At six dollars this product sounds like a bargain, but it is easy to make yourself. I’m always reading magazine recipes for achieving sexy, beachy hair. If you look at the ingredients in this bottle it’s primarily water and sea salt, two products you already own! I would recommend this product instead of concocting it yourself if: you feel lazy, want to experience the redolent scent of the tropics, or you made your own spray and didn’t get the results you wanted.

peanut2. Skinnygirl Daily Bars, $10 for a pack of 5- These come in four flavors, all which sound excellent. I tried the Coco-Nut with Peanut Butter, so that’s the only one I can comment on for taste. It is delicious! …That is if you like coconut and peanuts since you’ll be tasting plenty of both. If you recognize the brand, that’s because it was created by  Bethenny Frankel who first started Skinnygirl healthy indulgences with lower calorie margaritas. The bars do have some benefits. This one has 8 grams of protein, provides 5 grams of fiber, and 20% Vitamin E. They fall about where I would expect with sugars (8 grams) and calories (180). While they are all Kosher and and remain similar as far as the nutrition listed, some are much higher in fat than others. The Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate and Greek Yogurt Blueberry Crisp have 13% saturated fat; that’s half what the Coco-nut one contains! Of course coconut, dark chocolate, and nuts are all high in fat so it isn’t so radical. At two dollars a piece, you can get two Luna Bars for the price of one Skinnygirl Bar. Overall, I don’t plan on buying these all the time, but I am curious to try the flavors that are lower in fat and compare the taste. It could be a good pre-workout dessert.

olay2. Olay Fresh Effects Shine Minimizing Cleansing System, $13- I think of Olay as a brand that focuses on wrinkle prevention and fine line solutions. It was exciting to see them expand their market to teens and young women. When I used this product it was hard for me to say what I was hoping to get out of it. It says it’s supposed to clean, but I was wearing mascara so I carelessly wiped off my makeup beforehand.  My fear with these products is always that the bristles will be abrasive, but instead it provided a gentle cleanse. I wanted to be able to remove the product without the need for five cold water splashes, but I was out of luck in that department. I’m not sure what the tool is supposed to do? Exfoliate, minimize appearance of pores, massage? But either way I liked that it was a fun gadget that allowed me to clean my face without it touching my hands. The cream was a peculiar silver color, but it smelled fine. I would tell you to try this product if you’re interested. Maybe it’s the placebo effect, but I do feel like my skin feels smooth and looks fresh today. Plus, this is a bargain compared to other similar facial cleansing products.

secret stress sweat3. Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response, $7.99- I was looking for a new deodorant and with tons of competing commercials out there it is hard to know what is good without testing it. Needless to say, I was happy when this was put on my doorstep. What’s interesting is that this deodorant is designed to specifically combat stress sweat which they say it the worst smelling of the causes (ick!). You should know that it is not just a deodorant, it is an antiperspirant too. This means that it’s scented, as well as made with aluminum to help you stop sweating. Researchers are still up in the air about the health effects of using antiperspirant. It has 20% of the active ingredient, where as other “no sweat” antiperspirants have 15%-25%. To get one with more you need a prescription. The Secret roll up is great for a job interview, a first date, or a stroll in the park with your boyfriend on a hot summer day.  I would recommend it for big events, especially because the scent is amazing. It’s “serene citrus” and smells like an orange blossom garden. It’s good to also have an all natural deodorant on your dresser for daily use, such Tom’s of Maine.

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes


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