Lipstick Pairing For Valentine’s Day

Just like the pairing of wine and cheese, lipstick is better as part of a duo. The color you paint your lips looks smarter when you complement it with the right outfit. Here are five dresses for Valentine’s Day, coupled up with their lipstick mate. You will definitely seal the night with a passionate kiss in any of these styles.

lipstick pairing

1. Piperlime, Pim + Larkin- $90, Sephora, Korres “Natural Pink 13″- $18

2. Modcloth, $80, Sephora, Makeup Forever “Red”- $19

3., Thakoon- $275, Sephora, Bite “Apple Red”- $24

4. $120, Sephora, K Von D “Backstage Bambi”- $19

5. Windsor- $34, Sephora, Nars “Honolulu Honey”- $26

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