Trends From Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week

Even if you don’t follow Fashion Week, but you care about style, you know how important this time is for determining what you’ll eventually be wearing or at least seeing everywhere. The runway looks carry a big impact in determining what’s available, even affecting those who couldn’t care less. (Remember when Miranda Priestly, the demanding magazine Editor in Chief in The Devil Wears Prada, explained the trickle down effect?)  So while studying the designer looks, I compiled a list of common trends spotted during Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week. I will continue to add to the list until the week concludes on February 14th. I would love your input too! Any trends I missed? Which looks did you love the most? Leave me a comment, and I’ll be sure to write back! <3

Black leather jackets- One theme this year is “punk,” and there is no better way to incorporate that than with a black leather biker jacket. Pants and dresses, or even both (see left image) were displayed with the versatile jacket. If you’re looking to get on board with the trendiest styles, find ones with a collar and a diagonal zipper. The bottom of the jacket should hit the top of your hip for a youthful, flattering fit. There were other variations of the jacket as well, including ones that only have leather on the sleeves and button up like a letter jacket. (Tanya Taylor, Kimberly Ovitz, Jason Wu)


kimberly ovitz look 7jason wu look 26tanya taylor look 11







60’s style plaid- Mad about plaid? This year plaid was thrown into the mix on all basic garments. Holmes & Yang even made a blue formal dress with the busy print; but it’s not small cowgirl checks that we saw. Most of the plaid looks had a vintage (and British) vibe. The prints in Creatures of the Wind creations had me pining to locate the old photo album of my grandfather in his early parenting years. To pull off plaid, incorporate it  from other trends from the season that didn’t exist in the 60’s, such as liquid leggings. If you’re still unsure if your look is cool, then try it out with simpler pieces, such as a shirt or layered vest rather than a long coat or dress. (Veronica Beard, Creatures of the Wind, Tanya Taylor)

plaid veronica beard look 1

creatures of the wind look 19tanya taylor look 5






Baggy silk trousers with a graphic print- Okay, I’m not talking about baggy as in the imprecise fit of men’s dungarees in 1993. I merely mean these pants give your legs room to move. They are not parachute pants or even wide legged, in fact they usually taper at the very bottom. Many people will see this as a welcome change to the skintight skinny jean which we keep in our closets only as a weight loss goal. Because everything about these bottoms screams sophisticated, don’t take the easy route and dress them down with a plain white t-shirt. They might feel as lounge-like as pajamas, but reward the glamour with a similar print in opposite colors. (If the flowers were purple and the background was pink try a top that’s violet with pink flowers.) I love the white and black look on the right by DVF. If the brand sells opposite sets then you’re in luck! Everyone will think you’re a true style star when all you did was buy two pieces on adjacent hangers. (ICB, Zero + Maria Cornejo, Diane von Furstenberg)

ICB look 13Zero + Maria Cornejo look 12Diane von Furstenberg look 11





Long black gloves- My favorite trend rocked the runaways! The world returns to the accessory popularized centuries ago but with a twist. The elbow length gloves of 2013 come only in black and (usually) leather, instead of the pure as snow silk gloves the Daughter’s of the Revolution ancestors . Best of all, this seasonal femme fatale piece might be acceptable even without other outerwear… but that will determined in the fall. (Vera Wang, Donna Karan, Wes Gordon)

vera wang look 26Donna Karan look 33wes


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