Spring Themed Accessories

A huge selling point for an article of clothing is versatility. If you can wear it more than one way, people are interested. It means they can maximize their style without expanding the budget. For example, a chambray snap down can be worn by itself or with layers, dressed up or down, and you can adjust the sleeves and tie the bottom. But often pieces are special because you can only wear them on certain occasions or during a specific time of year. Here are some spring/summer pieces that will boost your homemade cutoff shorts. You might like these accessories so much that you find yourself wearing them every sun shinin’ day.


Made in the Shade Necklace, shopgracieb.com, $19

Flower Crown Headwrap, Urban Outfitters, $20

4/4S Phone Case, Free People, $28

Tie Dye Scarf, PacSun, Kirra, $15

Popsicle Candy Earrings, Betsey Johnson, $45




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