Studio Cosmetics Review And Discount Code

Meet Studio Gear Cosmetics! They were kind enough to send me a goodie bag of their top selling products AND a discount code for all of you! You get free shipping and for a limited time you can get a gift with a purchase of $35 or more. The discount code for 10% off is: FSB13

Studio Gear linerInline/Outline Pencil- When I received this I had to look up what this was supposed to do… just to be sure. Because of the nude shade I thought it was an invisible lip pencil but it looked like a eyeliner. Sure enough it is both! You can use it to brighten the rim under your eyes or circle your pout to make your lipstick pop and keep color bleeding at bay. I used it for my eyes and I was shocked at how well it worked. I instantly looked more awake! It’s perfect for days when I want to skip the heavy eyeliner and go for a fresh faced look.  However, after using it on my eyes I had no desire to trace my mouth… during flu season no less! My tip would be to get two of these, color one cap with nail polish to distinguish it, and use each for only area only. It’s even great for an on the spot concealer for fair skinned women. My only warning is that my cap doesn’t stay on well. It’s a long pencil and you can sharpen it, but if you pop it in your purse and the cap falls off the tip might crumble off. This may not always be the case, it may just have been that mine had a looser top than usual. I’m also not sure if this product can be used on darker complexions since it’s not entirely invisible but rather a light color. ($17)

Complete Color Lipstick in Candlelight- Obsessed with this color! You know how makeup is intended to bring out your best features not cover them up? This lipstick does that. The color is one you can wear everyday. I wore mine to an interview and then took it to watch the Superbowl. It comes in a sleep black case and is shaped the classic way with a slant tip. The color is a bit shiny opposed to matte but nothing obnoxious. It really is the perfect red that will get people to notice you, not your makeup. It warms your whole face! Of course, you still need to wear lip balm since it’s not going to do the hydrating for you, but if your lips are smooth this is the product and shade you will want to top them with! ($16)

studio gear primerPrime Objective Face Primer- I don’t use face primer often so I don’t have much of a comparison for this product, but the day I wore it I got a compliment on how I looked. I also did feel like it enabled my foundation to be smooth and even. You may need someone else to tell whether or not it diminishes wrinkles, but I can say when I applied the rest of my makeup I was dealing with a prepped surface and my skin looked more refreshed. ($30)

Definitive Mascara- I would describe this product exactly as they do on their website. “Lengthens and thickens every lash from base to tip evenly and effortlessly. Our state-of-the-art hollow bristle brush assures superb lash separation and shaping. Does not clump, smudge, or flake.” I was extremely impressed with how it separated my lashes. I’ve tried many mascaras and they always clump, this one never does. Beyond that, it did darken my lashes and make them appear somewhat lengthier. The bristles of the brush are short, numerous, and close together, a design that works well. ($15)

studio gear eyeshadow3-1 Harmonic Eyeshadows- Brown happens to be my favorite shadow color and I thought the shades in this palette worked really well for contouring. It’s easy to tell which one is dark and should be used as the liner, which one for the lid, and which one to use as a highlighter. They all have a little shine and can be worn night or day, alone or together. It goes on velvety and remains until you wash it off. The product only comes in one option, but if you like browns then I recommend this product. ($24)


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