Cloudy With A Chance Of Style

Rain, rain, go away. Please come back when I’m in Saint-Tropez! Sadly, I won’t be booking a trip in the near future, and it doesn’t look like the rain is ready to disappear. However, that’s no excuse to be lethargic and stream movies instead of attending a winery tour or the weekend getaway you booked in anticipation of a warm summer. A simple solution to beat weather woes is to dress appropriately. Since we stowed our coats long ago, everyone seems to thinks they need the company of an umbrella. But in my experience umbrellas are just a nuisance with artful structure. They blow inside out during strong winds, they get hooked on someone else’s and knock out strangers’ eyes with the pointy wires. And good luck when the captured rain drips on you and the carpet after you close it! For these reasons I recommend a light, absorbent, hooded raincoat paired with practical footwear like jelly flats which keep toes dry and wick away water. Skip maxi dresses which can drag in puddles. Instead pick up a pair of boyfriend capris, or an A-line skirt…just avoid the color white!, $59





, Free People, $62

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Vince Camuto, $105


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