Holiday Party Dresses For Under $120

With Thanksgiving, “Chrismakwanzikah,” and New Year’s all around the corner, it’s time to make sure you’re prepared for the all festive parties. I’ve compiled a list of nine dresses. Whether you’re headed to a ritzy house party, a homey family bash, or a bar to dance the night away, there is a dress for you in this list. If you are still are clueless after feasting your eyes on these beauties or your dress code doesn’t fit any of the themes, contact me directly and I’ll help you find something that will make you have another thing to be thankful for.

Fancy dinner party:

Warehouse, $120



















Family Event: $53














BCBGeneration, Piperlime- $108









A Bar/Club:

Topshop- $120












Ladakh, $110



Subscription Discount Sites For Fashion

These days it is easy to get a bargain online, the problem is being able to find what you are looking for. Many subscription discount sites offer free membership and fabulous prices for designer threads and furnishings. But when you join tons of sites you allow your inbox to fill up with emails that you eventually get turned over to the spam folder. Most of these websites don’t even allow you to browse their products without first joining the list-serve. That’s where I come in! To save you the junk mail and allow you to do the fun part (shop!) without useless newsletters and sales updates, I’ve given you the details on a bunch of great discount sites. Now it’s up to you to decide which you want to become a part of, and if it doesn’t work out you can split ways pain-free by unsubscribing (an option on the bottom of emails in fine print) and try out a different one or few.

SiteBeyond The RackCompany- Amazon, Discount- About 45-85% off, Sells- fashion and home goods, Money for Invites- $10 credit per person when he/she makes his/her first purchase, Shipping- $10, Loving- Anna Lee and Hope Cooper Sweater, was $88, now $30

Site- Fab.comDiscount- About 20-50%, Sells- Everything! Money for Invites- $30 for ten friends who join, $60 for 25 friends and $25 for a friend making a $25+ purchase, Shipping, $9, LovingJessica McClintock Bustier, was $120, now $93

SiteGiltDiscount- About 40-85%, Sells- fashion, home goods, food, trips, and outings, Money for Invites- $25 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping- $6 Loving- Elina Skirt by Walter, were $128, now $59

Site- HauteLook, Company- Nordstrom, Discount- About 50-70% off, Sells- fashion, beauty, and home goods, Money for Invites- $10 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping- $8 or more, Loving- Button Down by Tulle, was $45, now $21

SiteIdeeliDiscount- About 50-75%, Sells- fashion and home goods, Money for Invites- $25 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping, $10, Loving- Black High-Low Skirt by Hazel, was $115, now $40

SiteLuxe YardDiscount- About 40-80%, Sells- fashion, home goods, and art,  Money for Invites- $25 credit per person once he/she makes a purchase, Shipping, $5 under 10 lbs, $7 under 15 lbs, $8 under 20 lbs, Loving- Isabel Lu Top, was $136, now $55

SiteModniqueDiscount- About 50-85% off, Sells- fashion and beauty, Money for Invites- 10% of friend’s purchase after it ships Shipping- Free over $99, LovingPilgram Skanderborg Necklace, were $115, now $115

Site- MyHabit, Company- Amazon, Discount- About 50-90% off, Sells- fashion and home goods, Money for Invites- $20 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, but it cannot be redeemed if you live in AR, CO, CT, IL, NC, or RI, Shipping- Free! (Except 1 day or international), LovingCoSTUME NATIONAL Shoes, were $1200, now $240

SiteRue La LaDiscount- About 25-85%, Sells- fashion, home goods, and travel, Money for Invites- $10 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping, $10 and then free for the next 30 days, LovingTheia Dress, was $395, now $199

Site- The RealRealDiscount- Steep but clothing is second-hand, Sells- fashion, Money for Invites- $10 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping, $10 is purchase is $250 or under and $15 if purchase is $550 or under, Loving-Elie Tahari Skirt,  $125

Site- The Sample Sale, Discount- About 35-85% off, Sells- fashion and art, Money for Invites- $25 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping- Free over $75 (Otherwise $5), LovingPaige Dark Blue Straight Leg Jeans, were $160, now $80

SiteTopFloorDiscount- There is no discount but you can earn rewards to save you money, Sells- fashion and extra knickknacks, Money for Invites- $15 credit per person once he/she signs up, Shipping- Free for the first two months (Otherwise $6 for one item, $2 for additional ones), LovingEagle Pendant by Live World- $50

*Picture from Gilt


Steals and Deals at The Fashion Scoop

These are four of the current top deals at The Fashion Scoop:

Men’s French Connection Plaid Button Down Was $88 Now $35, Save 60%

Green Ford Silk Skirt: Was $258 Now $51, Save 80%

Nude Moschino Cheap and Chic Heels: Was $395 Now $79, Save 80%

Hunter Red Wool Coat: Was $525 Now $236, Save 55%

*Picture from Inofashion

Dress To Impress For Less: Winter Loungewear

Along with headlines like “How to stay thin this holiday season” and “The best gift guides for everyone on your list” the other most common article gracing the pages of magazines is about fighting off stress and finding that zen moment this holiday season. This time of year is as much about finding the perfect gift, dealing with insane family members, and locating a parking space in a jammed packed lot as it is about taking time for yourself and just relaxing. Once again, I’m at your service delivering you a way to shop while avoiding throngs of panicky shoppers and finding clothes that will feel cozy and still look cute for you to chill in during downtime.

Shirt, Jcpenny (in rumba red)-  $12

Cardigan, Old Navy- $20

Leggings, Forever 21- $6

Flats, Aldo- $20

Scarf, Aldo- $10

Total- $68

Dress To Impress For Less: Cocktail/Semi-formal Attire

You would hate to be “that girl,” the one who always wears the same boring frock to parties.  Prove you have great taste in a debut purchase that is well within your budget.  Click the links below and you will see I have hand selected age appropriate dresses and accessories to complete the package.  Have at it!

If you are age 15-20

Dress- $25, Shoes- $20, Hair Pin- $6

Total= $51

If you are age 20-30

Dress- $15, Shoes- $40, Earrings- $4

Total= $59

If you are age 30+

Dress- $30, Shoes- $25, Necklace- $4

Total= $59


Dress To Impress For Less VIII- Back To School Part III

Another back to school look, and don’t worry, you’re allowed to repeat items separately or as shown here as a complete outfit. If clothing gets issued a value per wear, that means the featured top can cost only fifty cents by the end of the year!

Sunglasses, Charlotte Russe- $3

Shirt, Macy’s- $9

Shorts, Old Navy- $15

Belt, Wet Seal- $8

Shoes, DSW- $15

Total- $50

Dress to Impress For Less VI- Back To School: Classic Couture

This is the first of a slew of back to school outfits I’ve assembled for you.  Be prepared to stand out and be a knock-out, not like you weren’t one already.  The real New Year’s Day might be in January, but September is your best shot at starting fresh and following new resolutions.  (Just like Sunday starts the real week, but we all know those manic Mondays should count as the week’s opener.)  So grab your plastic, and let’s get outfitted in some fresh threads!

Top, Old Navy- $25

Shorts, $20

Bracelet, Forever 21- $4

Necklace, The Limited- $15

Shoes, Forever 21- $21

Total- $85

Dress To Impress For Less V

For most professions you are not entitled to wear everyday clothes to work, which might mean drab A-line skirts and tight flats.  The work wardrobe equals yet another reason to look forward to the weekend. Luckily, just in time for those of you who landed on this site, I have selected great pieces to provide you an appropriate outfit that you will actually look forward to show off.  It may even help you overlook your wrath and agony when your psycho boss demands you stay overtime… for the fifth day in a row.

Dress- The Limited -$25

Sweater- Urban Outfitters -$15

Necklace- Charlotte Russe -$7

Shoes- Nine West -$32

Total= $79

*Picture from The Limites

Dress To Impress For Less IV

National holidays are always something to celebrate, but it’s even better when they mean days off from school and work.  Below I coordinated the perfect 4th of July outfit for whatever plans you have lined up. And don’t worry, as always in this category it is shopping on a budget.

Top- $18

Tank- Forever 21- $3

Shorts- Forever 21- $18

Sunglasses- Charlotte Russe- $6

Wedges- Old Navy- $30

Total= $75


Dress To Impress For Less III

Hello summer! Hello sand, sun, and water! Celebrate the warm weather with a trip to the beach in a stylish get-up. This post will tell you how to achieve beauty without a lot of effort and only a pinch of cash. Sunscreen not included…but that is no reason to forget it; it should be a staple in your big beach bag of wonders.

Swimsuit, Forever 21- $23

Dress, H&M- $13

Forever 21, Nordstrom- $6

Flip-flops, Old Navy- $4

Total Cost= $46

Dress To Impress For Less II

In honor of upcoming graduations, this post shows you the perfectgraduation outfit that will make you yearn to unzip your gown and get on with the celebration.  The best part is that the whole look is under $100! That deserves a hearty congratulations!

Dress, Zara- $40

Necklace, Claire’s- $15

Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters- $7

Sandals, Payless- $25

Total Cost= $87

*Picture from Zara

Dress To Impress For Less: Party Look

This week the guide to flawless dressing on a budget features party attire. Catch anyone’s eye in this stylish ensemble for just over one-hundred dollars!

Have trends you want the scoop on? Maybe you want to know how to look chic at an upcoming BBQ or first date? Want suggestions on what to buy from your favorite stores? Tell me these things and more! Share them with me, and I’ll help you locate just what you are looking for! Comment directly on the blog or shoot me an email at

Thank for reading,


These are my picks to create a dynamite party outfit:

Top, Free People- $30

Pants, Forever 21- $11

Ring, Anthropologie- $20

Bag, Forever 21- $19

Shoes, Payless- $25

Total Outfit Cost= $105

*Picture from Free People