Couture Apparel Review

News of a package delivery from Couture Apparel on Amazon was a sweet way to start my week. The seller features average priced clothing with something for women of all ages, but almost everything is slashed to about 70% off! They offer attire for a range of functions and activities– from work, to parties, to weekend play. You’ll love the unique designs and shapes of their tops and dresses.

2014-04-06 11.59.55I chose a white sleeveless dress called the Kyra with a visible back zipper and black bordering around the sleeves and hem. The silky material was shapely but not too tight that it became clingy. Two side pockets were accented by gold zippers. Due to the nature of the color I decided it was best to wear a slip underneath, but the dress did come with an attached lining. It’s perfect for work and looks great with any  black pumps or colored flats. Check out what else the site has to offer. My picks are below.

2014-04-06 11.59.28

Items you will love:

Sequins Solid Print Top- $31

Knit Elegant Short Jacket$31

Solid Print Tunic- $21



Couture Apparel is also giving 20% off any item! Use the code: FASH0407.

*This offer is valid for one month and starts today 04/08/14.

Wear The Paint Review

It had been a long time since I’d seen a hand painted shirt. I did have a blast boasting a homemade t-shirt slathered in puffy paints for Girls Scouts in third grade– if that counts for anything– but I can’t recall any sartorial Pollock or Monet spottings since.  All the better for Wear The Paint’s timing. The ladies of the company are determined to bring crafty hand painted tops back to the forefront of fashion. Last week the new company launched their e-commerce site where they sell hand painted tees and sweatshirts for men and women. I love the cute branded tote they wrapped the purchase in! The style is laid back and fun, and the truly hand painted products have a personal touch. Due to the nature of the creation there may be subtle differences with each individual item.

The ladies try to keep the concept modern with in-your-face words, masterpiece replicas (I love the starry night tee!) and other fun design like strawberry hued hearts. The background canvas is very simple and draws attention to the design… it also gives the items an arts and crafts feel. I found their Facebook page and learned a bit more about how the ambitious duo work as a power team. The two friends stay up late designing products and even modelling for the site. Support these awesome entrepreneurs by buying one of their reasonably priced shirts or baggy sweatshirts with inspiring pictures or words.

My picks are:

Tesselated Heart Tee- $20

Rose with Polka Dots Tee- $20

Feather Sweatshirt- $50

Here’s how I wear the paint!

2014-04-02 20.39.43








Sweatshirt, Wear The Paint

Jeans (cut into shorts) J & Company

Influenster SweetHeart VoxBox Review

This year I got a belated Valentine from the team at Influenster!
It was stuffed with four goodies to help a lady look and feel her best.

beach babe spray1. Not Your Mother’s Sea Salt Spray, $6- The spray has a nice tropical coconut smell making you feel like your tousled hair was blown just so on an island beach. I try to avoid putting salt in my hair because I don’t want to dry it out, but this spray didn’t make it stringy and lackluster. My hair is very thick, and I think may have worked better with less hair. It did add a subtle kinkiness, but not the effect I would expect from actually taking a dip in the ocean. At six dollars this product sounds like a bargain, but it is easy to make yourself. I’m always reading magazine recipes for achieving sexy, beachy hair. If you look at the ingredients in this bottle it’s primarily water and sea salt, two products you already own! I would recommend this product instead of concocting it yourself if: you feel lazy, want to experience the redolent scent of the tropics, or you made your own spray and didn’t get the results you wanted.

peanut2. Skinnygirl Daily Bars, $10 for a pack of 5- These come in four flavors, all which sound excellent. I tried the Coco-Nut with Peanut Butter, so that’s the only one I can comment on for taste. It is delicious! …That is if you like coconut and peanuts since you’ll be tasting plenty of both. If you recognize the brand, that’s because it was created by  Bethenny Frankel who first started Skinnygirl healthy indulgences with lower calorie margaritas. The bars do have some benefits. This one has 8 grams of protein, provides 5 grams of fiber, and 20% Vitamin E. They fall about where I would expect with sugars (8 grams) and calories (180). While they are all Kosher and and remain similar as far as the nutrition listed, some are much higher in fat than others. The Banana Oatmeal Dark Chocolate and Greek Yogurt Blueberry Crisp have 13% saturated fat; that’s half what the Coco-nut one contains! Of course coconut, dark chocolate, and nuts are all high in fat so it isn’t so radical. At two dollars a piece, you can get two Luna Bars for the price of one Skinnygirl Bar. Overall, I don’t plan on buying these all the time, but I am curious to try the flavors that are lower in fat and compare the taste. It could be a good pre-workout dessert.

olay2. Olay Fresh Effects Shine Minimizing Cleansing System, $13- I think of Olay as a brand that focuses on wrinkle prevention and fine line solutions. It was exciting to see them expand their market to teens and young women. When I used this product it was hard for me to say what I was hoping to get out of it. It says it’s supposed to clean, but I was wearing mascara so I carelessly wiped off my makeup beforehand.  My fear with these products is always that the bristles will be abrasive, but instead it provided a gentle cleanse. I wanted to be able to remove the product without the need for five cold water splashes, but I was out of luck in that department. I’m not sure what the tool is supposed to do? Exfoliate, minimize appearance of pores, massage? But either way I liked that it was a fun gadget that allowed me to clean my face without it touching my hands. The cream was a peculiar silver color, but it smelled fine. I would tell you to try this product if you’re interested. Maybe it’s the placebo effect, but I do feel like my skin feels smooth and looks fresh today. Plus, this is a bargain compared to other similar facial cleansing products.

secret stress sweat3. Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response, $7.99- I was looking for a new deodorant and with tons of competing commercials out there it is hard to know what is good without testing it. Needless to say, I was happy when this was put on my doorstep. What’s interesting is that this deodorant is designed to specifically combat stress sweat which they say it the worst smelling of the causes (ick!). You should know that it is not just a deodorant, it is an antiperspirant too. This means that it’s scented, as well as made with aluminum to help you stop sweating. Researchers are still up in the air about the health effects of using antiperspirant. It has 20% of the active ingredient, where as other “no sweat” antiperspirants have 15%-25%. To get one with more you need a prescription. The Secret roll up is great for a job interview, a first date, or a stroll in the park with your boyfriend on a hot summer day.  I would recommend it for big events, especially because the scent is amazing. It’s “serene citrus” and smells like an orange blossom garden. It’s good to also have an all natural deodorant on your dresser for daily use, such Tom’s of Maine.

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes


Product Review: Luva Huva

box setSome women are shoe people, others have an affinity for cocktails rings. Me? I’m tempted by dresses and sleepwear. That’s why I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the cute products from Luva Huva. Joanna Ketterer is the designer behind Luva Huva, a lingerie and lounge-wear shop on Etsy. She sells a sweet and simple selection of undergarments, chemises and other comfy items to hang around in. The brand is different from its competitors because of the environmentally ethical fabrics used such as, organic cotton, bamboo, soy and hemp. I was confident I would like what I received when I saw the 100% approval rating from 115 customers! Joanna sent me an pair of classic white “knickers” (the products are made in the UK) with gathered elastic which makes ruffled edges topped with a pretty blue bow in front. (The middle pair in the top left picture.) The underwear may seem expensive, ($25 for the basic pair) but shipping anywhere in the world is free over $40, not to mention the high quality materials which feel a lot softer than the stiff glittery ones sold by PINK. Even though Valentine’s Day is over, the box set is the perfect anytime gift for a friend. They fit true to size and feel great! These are my picks:

Slip and panty set- $98

luva huva









Japonica Short- $29






Nightgown- $69

luva huva

Studio Cosmetics Review And Discount Code

Meet Studio Gear Cosmetics! They were kind enough to send me a goodie bag of their top selling products AND a discount code for all of you! You get free shipping and for a limited time you can get a gift with a purchase of $35 or more. The discount code for 10% off is: FSB13

Studio Gear linerInline/Outline Pencil- When I received this I had to look up what this was supposed to do… just to be sure. Because of the nude shade I thought it was an invisible lip pencil but it looked like a eyeliner. Sure enough it is both! You can use it to brighten the rim under your eyes or circle your pout to make your lipstick pop and keep color bleeding at bay. I used it for my eyes and I was shocked at how well it worked. I instantly looked more awake! It’s perfect for days when I want to skip the heavy eyeliner and go for a fresh faced look.  However, after using it on my eyes I had no desire to trace my mouth… during flu season no less! My tip would be to get two of these, color one cap with nail polish to distinguish it, and use each for only area only. It’s even great for an on the spot concealer for fair skinned women. My only warning is that my cap doesn’t stay on well. It’s a long pencil and you can sharpen it, but if you pop it in your purse and the cap falls off the tip might crumble off. This may not always be the case, it may just have been that mine had a looser top than usual. I’m also not sure if this product can be used on darker complexions since it’s not entirely invisible but rather a light color. ($17)

Complete Color Lipstick in Candlelight- Obsessed with this color! You know how makeup is intended to bring out your best features not cover them up? This lipstick does that. The color is one you can wear everyday. I wore mine to an interview and then took it to watch the Superbowl. It comes in a sleep black case and is shaped the classic way with a slant tip. The color is a bit shiny opposed to matte but nothing obnoxious. It really is the perfect red that will get people to notice you, not your makeup. It warms your whole face! Of course, you still need to wear lip balm since it’s not going to do the hydrating for you, but if your lips are smooth this is the product and shade you will want to top them with! ($16)

studio gear primerPrime Objective Face Primer- I don’t use face primer often so I don’t have much of a comparison for this product, but the day I wore it I got a compliment on how I looked. I also did feel like it enabled my foundation to be smooth and even. You may need someone else to tell whether or not it diminishes wrinkles, but I can say when I applied the rest of my makeup I was dealing with a prepped surface and my skin looked more refreshed. ($30)

Definitive Mascara- I would describe this product exactly as they do on their website. “Lengthens and thickens every lash from base to tip evenly and effortlessly. Our state-of-the-art hollow bristle brush assures superb lash separation and shaping. Does not clump, smudge, or flake.” I was extremely impressed with how it separated my lashes. I’ve tried many mascaras and they always clump, this one never does. Beyond that, it did darken my lashes and make them appear somewhat lengthier. The bristles of the brush are short, numerous, and close together, a design that works well. ($15)

studio gear eyeshadow3-1 Harmonic Eyeshadows- Brown happens to be my favorite shadow color and I thought the shades in this palette worked really well for contouring. It’s easy to tell which one is dark and should be used as the liner, which one for the lid, and which one to use as a highlighter. They all have a little shine and can be worn night or day, alone or together. It goes on velvety and remains until you wash it off. The product only comes in one option, but if you like browns then I recommend this product. ($24)


Soie Shop Review

soieI’m always looking for new, inexpensive places to shop, so I was grateful when I found Soie Shop, an online retailer that sells dresses and tops with low price tags and a healthy sprinkling of sparkles.  I was lucky enough to receive two products from the company, a dress and a top.

soieI ordered the Studded Hardware Blouse.The shirt was better than I had imagined! Online it was hard to tell what material it was because the picture made it look thin and gauzy. In real life, it’s sheer (the fabric you would expect) with pretty gold and silver studs on the collar. It has hidden buttons and a sleeve button so it can be rolled up. It comes in a magenta, blue, or black, and I decided to go with black because I can literally wear it with everything! My only complaint is that its static material attracts hair and fuzz.  Be sure to travel with a lint-roller! The shirt fits true to size and is intentionally longer in the back. soie

The other item, the sequin embellished day dress, is beige and luckily it doesn’t wash me out, even with my pale skin. It has two colored stripes on the bottom and the quarter top is embellished with hologram sequins. They look nice but they are bright so it’s crucial that you like shine if you consider buying this dress. The middle is cinched with a simple matching tie. Although it is light, it has an attached slip which is thick enough that you can’t see any undergarments. A huge plus since I have so many summer dresses that are a tad too transparent. In the back, the spaghetti straps are closer together and create a racerback shape instead of the subtle v in the front. This soiedress would be great for a summer picnic, yet it is still fancy enough for an indoor party.

Love what you see? From now until Valentine’s Day you can get 30% off! Free shipping is available with any purchase over $50. Below are more of my favorites. Which is yours?

These are my other picks:

Crossroad Peplum Bustier- $27

peplum top









Meshing Around Sequin Top- $23


mesh sequin top









Chiffon Dress- $28


chiffon dress

LeeLee’s Accessories Review

Etsy necklaceLeeLee’s Accessories is an Etsy shop that sells jewelry and hats. The owner, LeAnn sent me one of her designs, a triangle statement necklace in coral (on left) and gold earrings set (below). You can purchase the necklace in lavender or black, all with gold caps on each triangle point which match the stud earrings perfectly! No false advertising here. The necklace looks exactly as it does in her pictures, and it arrived quickly in a cute pink organza bag. On Etsy, LeeLee’s Accessories has a perfect 100% feedback rating. I’ve seen similarly styled necklaces that are flimsy and double the price. This one is easy to clasp, has an adjustable chain, and is durable but lightweight.  The set is only $15, so it’s the perfect gift for any female. I’m wearing the necklace at it’s tightest point so it can hang an inch or two longer than shown. I also do not have pierced ears, but I found a great way to style the earrings. I added them as embellishment to my button down shirt, and I love the subtle, easy transformation. Of course they also look good in your ear. Right now you’ll only find jewelry in her store, but she also sells fedoras with ribbon bands in the summertime.
Below are a few of my favorites from her shop:

Turquoise Statement Necklace- $25







Gold and White Gemstone Necklace- $30


Gold Heart Charm Bracelet- $12























studded shirt

Style Queen Review

Snooki might be known for her wild partying but this year she got a fresh start as a mother. Since settling down, parenting has not been her only project; she collaborated with Style Queen to create four accessory lines for their website.

Style Queen is a website primarily targeting young adults or brides-to-be with swanky looking jewelry at affordable prices. They sent me the Shooting Star Ring which has an adjustable band so it fits the way I want it. I also like how the design decorates a large part of my upper hand but only circumscribes one finger so I get full flexibility. While some celebrities design clothing that doesn’t reflect their personal style, Snooki incorporated her obvious trademarks such as spikes, cat ear headbands, and blinged out faux-gold and silver.  My one critique is that based on my experience, the products aren’t created to last forever. The finish will fade and the metal may break if you start to pull or play with it. Be kind to your jewelry by stashing it on a hang-up rack so it doesn’t get tangled or lost. This way, you’ll have a better chance of keeping around your pretty Style Queen bargains forever.

These are my picks:

Firework Earrings- $60

Style Queen





June Necklace- $40






Snake Coil Bracelet- $30






Bam Bam Barrette- $10






*Pictures from Style Queen

Mía Mariú Makeup Review and Giveaway

I’m excited to share with you a makeup brand I recently discovered called Mía Mariú. Like Avon or Mary Kay, you can order the makeup through a local sales representative, but you can also purchase the products on their website.

 While it’s difficult to buy foundation or concealer online, they have a shade finder page to help you determine which colors will be the perfect match for your skin tone. The makeup is mineral based, which means it’s healthy for your skin. They also sell other healthy care products such as nutritional supplements and skin treatment. In my package they sent me three samples of their microdermabrasion cream.

I ordered a blush in María Bonita. It’s a rosy shade that instantly brightened my face. The color is strong so only need to wear a little, but it spreads well and feels silky.  It comes in a black compact which is the perfect size to throw in your purse, plus it has a mirror on top!


I also received a brush recommended for applying powder called “The Perfect Blending Brush.” The bristles are fluffy and feel gentle on my face but the bristles fan out so it makes blending easy.

Now you can win these products! One winner gets a mineral blush in any of the four shades they offer and a perfect blending brush for a value of $39.
Liking me on Facebook (the side of my profile) is a mandatory entry and after doing that you can unlock more entries. This contest is only open to US readers, sorry. It ends on December 1, 2012. Thanks for entering and good luck!

My Own Store Opening!

I have VERY exciting news! Fashion Scoop Blog now has a store in conjunction with  The Fashion Scoop is up now and features brands such as Free People, Elizabeth and James, Splendid, Steve Madden and a whole lot more! On the site I will be able to give you advice and style personalized collections. Of course I will still be blogging here  and doing reviews just as frequently, but now you have one more place to shop and I promise it is worth the recommendation. Check it out and tell me what you think! If there is something you want to see more of let me know and I will do my best to add it to The Fashion Scoop. Spread the word!


*Picture from The Fashion Scoop

Product Review- Neauties Lip Glosses

This review covers all Neauties’ products.  For some of you that may sound like a new name in the beauty industry (get it?! pronounced “NEW”-tees!) but they have been selling their products since 1998 according to the group on facebook.  Still, not enough people know about their enriching lip glosses.  Sometimes the best companies are lesser known ones rather than the massive corporations, so Fashion Scoop Blog is here to spread the word about Neauties.  At Neauties, it is clear they care about their customers and know their clientele based on a few characteristics: their count-on-one-hand ingredient list, competitive pricing, and appealing colors and scents.  They ship for free and in a timely fashion,  in addition, each package includes a receipt plus protective bubble wrap for each pot of gloss you purchase.  The company only makes eight lip glosses so makeup for your mouth is the brand’s specialty.  It is reassuring to see all natural ingredients for a cosmetic you plan on slathering all over your pretty lips about ten times a day.  The product is not a mousse formula and it doesn’t melt into your fingers when you touch the mix, which actually means you gain more control over how much you apply.  These glosses also hydrate and do not contain excessive shine so you avoid looking like a waxed apple (a picture perfect look if you are a fruit, although I occasionally do it too).  The one drawback is that the glosses obviously enhance shine which attracts sunlight and if your plans include sauntering outside long enough to burn, you will want to wear an SPF balm instead.

They make eight different kinds of glosses with some falling into multiple categories.  There are three scented ones, four shimmers, three colored, and one plain original.  Each one is banded with a card listing the ingredients.

The first one I opened was the mint which hooked me immediately.  Although cherry is a best seller for the company, I love the peppermint oil infusion.  The mint honestly made me feel and smell fresh.  It provided that great cooling trigeminal effect that hit after a couple of seconds of applying it which might be able to provide a healthy jolt of energy on a sluggish day.  It wasn’t so tingly that it burned which I have experienced with other products, especially lip plumpers. The cherry was also a yummy flavor but the aroma of the strawberry was described as “light and creamy” and produced a very faint scent that I could not be pinpointed as strawberry or anything mind blowing.  The plain ones do not smell bad but there was a slight odor that would be better with a delectable scent coating it such as the mint or cherry.

Lava is one of the shimmer pigments and I love that it has barely visible shimmer and works as a way to moisturize your lips while producing a dreamy red tint.  The red is stronger than the pink and the gold shimmers and the one that appears the least “glimmer-like.” Lava is the perfect shade for parties and it would be even better layered on top of a dab of the peppermint or cherry so you’re prepared for a moment that just may be the perfect kiss.  I recommend layering the standstone (gold) or the basic shimmer since they are a little faint and would make a much better top coat, especially if you are going for drama or that “notice me” appearance.  As for the pink blossom, it looks nice on its own when you are trying to flaunt a modest, wholesome look.

I am glad I discovered Neauties which I will now be toting everyone, popping each one in a different purse.  All shimmer shades are $10.50 and all originals lip glosses are sold for $9.50. To check out more information  or to purchase one, many, or all click here.

Hard Candy Cosmetics Review

If the name Hard Candy sounds familiar, you may remember their makeup from back when it was sold at Sephora.  Now the company has been tweaked and consumers are adjusting to the brand’s improved prices and new products found exclusively at Wal-Mart.

I tried Mouthing Off Sheer Lip Shine in Love Dove and Kal-eye-descope Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Ab Fab.  The packaging on both was cute, looking friendly and modern.  Still, when I opened the eyeshadow I was not expecting much.  The two shades in the unopened package looked like those chosen by a child experimenting with makeup for the first time.  I tried them out on a weekend when I had no plans scheduled.  I will admit I was afraid I would like a clown at work or a Barbie on a date.  But after trying it, I now wear the shadow proudly when I leave the house.  The purple looked beautiful atop my brown eyes and added originality to my look.  The small compact did not come with a brush, but with a back and forth sweep I had the right amount of shadow for a packed day.  The pink was not my favorite color for eyeshadow but that too looked nice enough when I wore it with the purple or in a small dose alone.

My favorite part of the lip product was its yummy sweet smell, like candy!  The gloss had very little pigment (they were not lying about the sheer sheen) but could work well as a top coat to pink lipstick.  It had some shimmer that reflected in the light.  It was not incredibly sticky, though on a windy day my hair would probably still be magnetized to my mouth. I would recommend the lip gloss if you need a new one that gives you a little something extra without wanting all the bells in whistles, color, outrageous shine, etc.  Sometimes simple can go a long way.

Be sure to check out more products here: Hard Candy

Product Review: Milani Multitasker Face Powder

This face powder comes in a compact with a divider between the mirror and applicator pad and the powder. It’s marked with an intricate design that is raised on the powder but sadly disappears after a few times use. The sponge provided was surprisingly velvety and wasn’t abrasive on my skin, which has happened with other drugstore brands powder-puff. The powder is called “multitasker,” supposedly serving as a setter, finisher, and blotter. The package also says it provides light to medium coverage. The claim is true. This face powder is not to be used as a substitute for foundation or concealer, especially for people like me who use liquid forms. However, it may help you lightly the load on your face or in your handbag since you will be doing less blotting and you won’t need both a color and translucent powder. You can dispose of shine-free sheets which are awkwardly used to dab off sweat and oil as you dance the night away. The color applies evenly and somewhat naturally. I went a shade darker than my normal skin pigment so I would not looked washed out (a horrible appearance for pictures). Light/Medium has warm yellow undertones and was relatively light but certainly did not make me look ghostly. The color added pigment to my fair face but since it was far from my natural color I had to apply it everywhere and rub it in well to avoid the devastating pancake face. The product is made with talc (just like nearly all non-mineral makeup) which can be harmful to your lungs when breathed in, but it has been used by the makeup industry for years so. Swoop your brush in at a bit of a distance and avoid dusting directly under your nostrils and you should be okay. If you use the product 6 times a week, as an approximate estimation it should last about 3 and a half months.

To purchase right off of Milani’s website or view other colors, click here:

Milani Multitasker Face Powder- $6.99

Product Review: Black Magic Eye Liner And Eye Glimmer In Sterling

This eye pencil has a glittery color on one side and a dark, solid pigment on the other end.  The silver glitter added a lovely luminescence to my peepers.  The pencil is a little bit thicker than most, but still easy to make a precise line with.  I actually liked how the tip had a slightly wider diameter because it allowed me to smudge the black liner and create sexy smoky eyes.

You can wear either shade alone, or my favorite look, together, but the glitter should be worn only to parties or nighttime social events to jazz up your ordinary look.  Since black eye liner is a staple, it means you will probably go through the pencil quicker than other products.  It’s worth it to get a couple of these in different colors.  I look forward to checking out the teal!

The liner lasts, but be sure to wear translucent powder over the black.  In the intense humidity my liner smeared more than I would have liked it to.  Also, as with any product that is designed with glitter instead of shimmer, it is tougher to remove.  However, you should be fine if you rub a cotton swab over the leftover sparkling particles.

To purchase right off of Milani’s website or view other colors, click here:

Milani Black Magic Eyeliner- $6.99

Product Review: Milani HD Advanced Lip Color in Raspberry Blush

This lipstick comes in a sleek package that is thin enough to fit in a tiny wristlet, or even your pocket, without excessive bulging.  The lipstick rises with the turn of the tube, like any other, but this one clicks so the level of the tube raises slower than normal.  This is helpful for those of us who accidentally cap it without lowering the tube and squash the lipstick formula.

The name Raspberry Blush is very fitting; the company found the perfect way to describe the shade.  However, the sticker on the product and the color on the website is darker than what will appear on your lips in person.  The shade is in between a red and a pink (it is a berry) and it goes on with a lovely sheer pigment so it’s not too crazy for everyday wear.  It really did brighten my whole face!  Miraculously, I put it on one day to go out, intending to wear a full face of makeup, and I nearly forgot to apply blush because my face already looked perky from the lipstick alone.  This lipstick can do more than the 9-5 hour day; it can work for the whole 24 hours and suit any event.  The shade is easy to pull off and I think it would look great for all different skin tones.  I wore it over lip balm and my mouth stayed hydrated for a long time.  Immediately I noticed the sheer pigment (which can be made heavier with multiple coats) and its moisturizing effect, the two product claims advertised online.  The color does not last all day, but a hint of color will remain for quite some time.  And don’t forget, it is small enough that you can put it in your pocketbook and therefore you always have the opportunity to reapply!  In addition to a positive response for the product, the company, Milani Cosmetics, has incredibly kind and helpful representatives who I’m sure will be a terrific aid if you have product questions.

To purchase right off of Milani’s website or view other colors, click here:

Milani HD Advanced Lip Color- $8.99