Brand Corner- Free People

Free People, the most whimsical of the Urban Outfitters, Anthrologie, and Free People triple threat company, provides fashion with a combination between Western vintage and modern hippie.  It’s easy to recognize a Free People piece based on its construction, patterns, and fabrics even though the style can hardly be compressed into a single word though boheme is the most fitting. You’ll find a mix of the trends (they incorporated neon a lot last few years and carry lace and hook-eye bralettes) and the items that celebrate quirkiness and originality (bell bottom patchwork jeans anyone?). Here are my picks and some shopping tips:

Free People

Free People collared shirt

Free people

Free People leather pants

1. The sizing can be a little off. If something if meant to fit tighter it will certainly hug your body and you’ll want to find the size you regularly wear. However, if you pick up a loose shirt or dress, it will probably of slip off your shoulders or slink far past your hips. Make sure you determine whether or not you’ll need a camisole underneath and pair it with the right undergarments. I’ve purchased a bunch of their baggier tops and almost had a wardrobe malfunction because I paid attention to the label rather than the appearance.

2. Free People has a line Intimately Free People with all types of goodies. While all intimates are under this collection, not everything in it the collection is falls under the categories of undergarments, sleep wear, or lounge wear. For example, there are a lot of bodycon dresses, sweatshirts and even slips that can be worn outside the home. Use your own discretion to determine how it would look best. If your answer is “the bedroom” keep it in your “for inside eyes only” drawer to stay modest.

3. On their website they have a huge vintage stop. Because those pieces are truly one of a kind they sell out quickly. Right now they are selling ten different collections ranging from Military and Lace to retro Missoni. The items are not returnable but the website provides exact measurements, and rating of the condition, and infrequently the era.

Subscription Discount Sites For Fashion

These days it is easy to get a bargain online, the problem is being able to find what you are looking for. Many subscription discount sites offer free membership and fabulous prices for designer threads and furnishings. But when you join tons of sites you allow your inbox to fill up with emails that you eventually get turned over to the spam folder. Most of these websites don’t even allow you to browse their products without first joining the list-serve. That’s where I come in! To save you the junk mail and allow you to do the fun part (shop!) without useless newsletters and sales updates, I’ve given you the details on a bunch of great discount sites. Now it’s up to you to decide which you want to become a part of, and if it doesn’t work out you can split ways pain-free by unsubscribing (an option on the bottom of emails in fine print) and try out a different one or few.

SiteBeyond The RackCompany- Amazon, Discount- About 45-85% off, Sells- fashion and home goods, Money for Invites- $10 credit per person when he/she makes his/her first purchase, Shipping- $10, Loving- Anna Lee and Hope Cooper Sweater, was $88, now $30

Site- Fab.comDiscount- About 20-50%, Sells- Everything! Money for Invites- $30 for ten friends who join, $60 for 25 friends and $25 for a friend making a $25+ purchase, Shipping, $9, LovingJessica McClintock Bustier, was $120, now $93

SiteGiltDiscount- About 40-85%, Sells- fashion, home goods, food, trips, and outings, Money for Invites- $25 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping- $6 Loving- Elina Skirt by Walter, were $128, now $59

Site- HauteLook, Company- Nordstrom, Discount- About 50-70% off, Sells- fashion, beauty, and home goods, Money for Invites- $10 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping- $8 or more, Loving- Button Down by Tulle, was $45, now $21

SiteIdeeliDiscount- About 50-75%, Sells- fashion and home goods, Money for Invites- $25 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping, $10, Loving- Black High-Low Skirt by Hazel, was $115, now $40

SiteLuxe YardDiscount- About 40-80%, Sells- fashion, home goods, and art,  Money for Invites- $25 credit per person once he/she makes a purchase, Shipping, $5 under 10 lbs, $7 under 15 lbs, $8 under 20 lbs, Loving- Isabel Lu Top, was $136, now $55

SiteModniqueDiscount- About 50-85% off, Sells- fashion and beauty, Money for Invites- 10% of friend’s purchase after it ships Shipping- Free over $99, LovingPilgram Skanderborg Necklace, were $115, now $115

Site- MyHabit, Company- Amazon, Discount- About 50-90% off, Sells- fashion and home goods, Money for Invites- $20 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, but it cannot be redeemed if you live in AR, CO, CT, IL, NC, or RI, Shipping- Free! (Except 1 day or international), LovingCoSTUME NATIONAL Shoes, were $1200, now $240

SiteRue La LaDiscount- About 25-85%, Sells- fashion, home goods, and travel, Money for Invites- $10 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping, $10 and then free for the next 30 days, LovingTheia Dress, was $395, now $199

Site- The RealRealDiscount- Steep but clothing is second-hand, Sells- fashion, Money for Invites- $10 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping, $10 is purchase is $250 or under and $15 if purchase is $550 or under, Loving-Elie Tahari Skirt,  $125

Site- The Sample Sale, Discount- About 35-85% off, Sells- fashion and art, Money for Invites- $25 credit per person once he/she makes first purchase, Shipping- Free over $75 (Otherwise $5), LovingPaige Dark Blue Straight Leg Jeans, were $160, now $80

SiteTopFloorDiscount- There is no discount but you can earn rewards to save you money, Sells- fashion and extra knickknacks, Money for Invites- $15 credit per person once he/she signs up, Shipping- Free for the first two months (Otherwise $6 for one item, $2 for additional ones), LovingEagle Pendant by Live World- $50

*Picture from Gilt


Pointy Cap Toe Heels

When you’re wearing wide leg trousers or a long dress you still painstakingly look for the perfect shoes to go with the bottom accepting that they will only be seen for a brief moment as as your feet graze past your clothing. So if there is one of the heel to designate the spotlight to, it should be the toe. Cap toes have become enormously popular this year like a subdued version of color blocking. With heels in suede and the toe patent leather or a different hue than the rest of the shoe, the style highlights an attention to detail and sends a powerful message to notice the outfit from to toe.

Zara- $40 $60


*Picture from Stylish Curves


Designer Corner- Jeffrey Campbell

Do you remember Diva Starz? (If not, look them up!) But their giant heads, long hair, frail torso, and humongous shoes may have helped Jeffrey Campbell’s vision for footwear. If you don’t covet a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes you may still know the name from browsing fashion blogs. He is the creator of Lita shoes which have since been mimicked with cheaper imitations and line the closets of fashion bloggers across the world. The line has much more to offer though. These are my tips for shopping Jeffrey Campbell shoes:

1. Choose your Litas carefully- Before ordering Litas try them on and explore all the patterns. Sometimes we just want a cool shoe to go with everything (a pair of Litas in black) other times we are trying to find the wow factor with a wild pattern that covers the whole shoe. Either way that 5” heel is steep, so make sure you practice before you wear them in public. hoes are bold and sometimes even gravity defying like Lady Gaga’s heels.  So if you’re afraid of a little leopard print or a few silver spikes, turn back now. Here are my tips:

Lita in Mint- $159

Lita in Gold Glitter- $160

2. Explore knee-high boots- One of my favorite pairs of shoes are Jeffrey Campbell boots that hit my knee and lace all the way up but have they have a flat heel so they don’t scream Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman pre-modesty.

Victorian Thine Boot- $305

Joe Lace Up Boot- $295

3. Get people to notice you- When a person is wearing a gorgeous outfit people will usually look down to see what shoes they paired it with.  Other people stand by the belief that shoes sell the entire upper portion of a look. Sometimes though people just don’t shift their eyes downward and you’re purchase of Kate Spade kitten heels seems like a waste of cash. One way to avoid that? Buy outrageous shoes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Whether that means a shoelace alongside the back of the heel, or a carpet bag print with a thick wedge bottom, you can definitely find something extraordinary. 

Ramona Platform Sandals- $205

Ramona Fest Sandal- $158

4. Determine where practicality ranks on the scale of virtues- A lot of the shoes provide a good balance and can be worn for dress up or play. Do keep in mind though that most of them have towering heels even though they might be comfortable or have support. When I say “play,” the most athletic you should get while sporting a tall pair is ambling around the mall.

Foxy Platform- $137

Str8up Platform- $180

*Picture from What I’m Loving

Steals and Deals at The Fashion Scoop

These are four of the current top deals at The Fashion Scoop:

Men’s French Connection Plaid Button Down Was $88 Now $35, Save 60%

Green Ford Silk Skirt: Was $258 Now $51, Save 80%

Nude Moschino Cheap and Chic Heels: Was $395 Now $79, Save 80%

Hunter Red Wool Coat: Was $525 Now $236, Save 55%

*Picture from Inofashion

Color Block Heels

Today, walking past Bakers Shoes’ store, I spied a window full of glorious pumps.  My favorite pair had a thick strap which crossed over the front of the foot and a thin strap with a buckle around the ankle. They were suede color block heels.  I had been ignoring the color block trend; it seemed like an excuse for clashing to become even more fashionable.  The pattern pile-on phenomena, mixing floral and stripes, was plenty for me to have already taken in during the past year. But now, shining like a star, was this pair of shoes silently yelling “pick me.” A  jewel-toned attraction to be sure.

You can participate in the color block trend in many ways, but with shoes, the work is done for you. If you want to keep the rest of your outfit simple, the bold pop of color is already accounted for, and you will look polished from head to toe.   Next time you want to wear blue, and green, and purple, AND red, think about doing it crisply with a pair of funky heels. These are my picks:

Bakers- $40 $143

Urban Outfitters- $20 $48