Hello Crop Top!

Remember when tunics draped mannequins’ torsos in store windows across the nation? And remember even as the trend was beginning to fade, it seemed like designers’ images for all shirts had become elongated by a few inches? Well if you do not, I can you personally recall a time, not too long ago, where it felt like almost all my tops could be worn with leggings since they just covered my butt. What comes in must go out though; and I am pleased to announce the fabulous replacement for this, the tunic’s arch-enemy: the midriff! Yes, there are many different cuts to this crop top. I prefer the slightly more fitted ones to the sloppy ones that hang off like leaves a tree branch. My favorite ones are crochet, intricate and totally eye catching. If you’re not all about bearing belly, you can still enjoy this trend by choosing a cropped crochet vest and pairing it over a flower print top, or wearing the midriff with an off-setting color underneath that covers your stomach. If the shirt isn’t two layers, you’re going to want a base anyway (just like on the model at right) These are my top picks:

Macys- $25

Asos.com- $58

Bebe- $79

Bloomingdales- $68

*Picture from Asos