Cool or Creepy: Gucci’s Foot Boot

Fall 2017 Gucci RTW

Fall 2017 Gucci RTW – taken by Vogue

I’ve never seen A Christmas Story, but I’ve always been simultaneously fascinated and spooked by the famous leg lamp. So when Gucci showcased a shoe that featured a heeled sandal atop a removable “sex doll-style foot” bootie sock I was intrigued yet a bit freaked. From a practicality standpoint, the shoe is pretty neat. Sold as a boot or bootie, the minimalist stiletto sandal can be worn to work, cocktails or your best friend’s wedding. But when you want to show the world your weirdness (and devotion to couture) you slip into the latex sock with an ankle- or knee-high shaft. In a year of cheeky fashions (see Vetements super-oversize everything, Moschino’s Candy Crush collection and J.W. Anderson’s graphic sweatshirts and phallic keychains) it seems always-proper Gucci is the latest fashion house on board. Alongside polished pussy bow blouses models sashayed in garish colors and clowish prints including feral animals and grandma florals. Zebra tails complete chunky pumps and Rainbow Brite flatforms line store shelves…and we haven’t even broached the menswear collaboration with Disney.

So what to make of all silliness? Well as I was reading somewhere (numerous “somewheres”) the current political climate calls for upbeat dressing. Fashion has always been an outlet for freedom and fun. Why not surprise someone with something to make them smile? I’m still nonplussed about the shoe. Why alabaster latex like a plastic doll? Why does it look so weird without toes?! But if someone has the same reaction that I did to the Moschino paperdoll dresses, (near tears of joy) then I’m willing to embrace this kooky look.