A Fresh Style Icon

Browsing magazines, I always run across interviews of well dressed celebrities.  Often they get asked a question worded similarly to, “Who is your style icon?”  I used to debate the question in my head so I would have a response if I ever became famous.  I had favorite designers, but I was less familiar with other people’s closets.  In the recent past I began reading more magazines and doing more event follow-ups.  There are stars like Rachel Bilson how always rocks the cool California girl vibe in her attire.  And there are others like Halle Berry and Renee Zellweger who never miss the mark with their gowns.  However, my vote for the best dressed celebrity this year goes to the youthful starlet, Selena Gomez.  From her music videos, to her red carpet appearances, and regular daily life activities, she is always on top showing off lust-worthy pieces.  These are just some of my favorite looks from her:

The Little Black Dress

Smooth Silver

Print Perfection

Teal Goddess

Polka-Dot Princess

Fuchsia Fashion

Girl On The Go

Golden Dream

Metallic Powerhouse

*Picture from Best Clothing Gallery

Five Necessary Pieces For Any Fashionista



1. A classic rain trench coat. What better way to beat a dreary rainy day than with a jacket you will love wearing rain or shine? It will not hurt if you add an umbrella with a punchy design. You’ll be the confident and dry girl who can overlook a little weather dismay.

The Fashion Scoop- $164

Bloomingdales- $474


2. Sizzling Lingerie. This blog isn’t about improving your sex life, but hot undergarments make you feel empowered. Knowing how sultry you look in public and keeping the secret of how you look even better underneath keeps you charged even on those slummy days.

Saks Fifth Avenue- $227

Shopbop.com- $34

3. Two little black dresses. You can wear a classic black dress on a date, at a cocktail party, a wedding, a work event, etc. Did I mention that they do not restrict the type of jewelry or the color lipstick you already had in mind? So why not get two so you don’t feel guilty about wearing it to just about everything.

Ann Taylor- $120

The Fashion Scoop- $218

4. Medium-sized silver hoop earrings. I’m not talking about the barely noticeable simplistic silver circles, or the outrageous bangle sized bracelets that are supposed to go in your ear. A nice circular hoop earring though, in silver, looks good with any outfit besides gym gear. They can make your outfit appear, bohemian, urban, dressy, or casual based on what you pair them with.  And, miraculously, they flatter everyone. Just make sure to wear them with complementing jewelry. If you sporting other accessories, try to avoid gold, rhinestones, and pearls.

Banana Republic- $35

Michael Kors- $95

5. The Steal. Just like putting on a designer dress makes us feel warm inside, putting on a find you discovered can make you feel just as good. I once bought this cute dress and my guy friend turned to me and said, “I don’t get how you have all this money to spend!” I was in high school and the only money I was making was from babysitting. He was right, I hardly had a dime. Little did he know though, the price was actually unbeatable.  Every week I pass on the contagious, “go out and spend bug,” this time you can get something you will love to wear that will make you proud to show off your credit card bill for the day…maybe not the month. You know you look awesome, but reveal how much you paid? That is sure to become your best kept secret ;  )

Gojane.com, Boots- $28

Charlotte Russe, Necklace- $10

*Picture from Shoeperwoman