Chevron Print

Missoni’s iconic zigzag print has been getting a lot of attention lately, but it’s not the designer who is getting the recognition, it’s the stripy print. Maybe the pattern took off after the label created a line for Target using their trademark up and down lines and selling the apparel at much more inexpensive prices. Ironically though, if you search chevron at an online retailer that carries the designer you will most likely get results  excluding anything by Missoni whose print is strictly labeled “zigzag.” Of course the wavy design was not invented by the Italian brand, rather the symbol has a long history of being used in military uniforms, flags, and road signs. Now it is famously known for the oil and gas corporation, Chevron. However, according to Wikipedia (we’ll take it) the energy company’s logo has only been used since the mid 2000s while Missoni was brought into existence in the 1960s. 

But regardless of who had the lead in actually marketing the print, the trend is now in full force. And luckily it doesn’t look like there can be any legitimate lawsuits by Missoni or Chevron like the name copycats Dolce & Banana. These are my picks:

Tunic, Nordstom- $79

Dress, $20

Top, Bebe- $25

*Real Missoni image from Hot Luxe

*Other picture from Piperlime