Product Review- Neauties Lip Glosses

This review covers all Neauties’ products.  For some of you that may sound like a new name in the beauty industry (get it?! pronounced “NEW”-tees!) but they have been selling their products since 1998 according to the group on facebook.  Still, not enough people know about their enriching lip glosses.  Sometimes the best companies are lesser known ones rather than the massive corporations, so Fashion Scoop Blog is here to spread the word about Neauties.  At Neauties, it is clear they care about their customers and know their clientele based on a few characteristics: their count-on-one-hand ingredient list, competitive pricing, and appealing colors and scents.  They ship for free and in a timely fashion,  in addition, each package includes a receipt plus protective bubble wrap for each pot of gloss you purchase.  The company only makes eight lip glosses so makeup for your mouth is the brand’s specialty.  It is reassuring to see all natural ingredients for a cosmetic you plan on slathering all over your pretty lips about ten times a day.  The product is not a mousse formula and it doesn’t melt into your fingers when you touch the mix, which actually means you gain more control over how much you apply.  These glosses also hydrate and do not contain excessive shine so you avoid looking like a waxed apple (a picture perfect look if you are a fruit, although I occasionally do it too).  The one drawback is that the glosses obviously enhance shine which attracts sunlight and if your plans include sauntering outside long enough to burn, you will want to wear an SPF balm instead.

They make eight different kinds of glosses with some falling into multiple categories.  There are three scented ones, four shimmers, three colored, and one plain original.  Each one is banded with a card listing the ingredients.

The first one I opened was the mint which hooked me immediately.  Although cherry is a best seller for the company, I love the peppermint oil infusion.  The mint honestly made me feel and smell fresh.  It provided that great cooling trigeminal effect that hit after a couple of seconds of applying it which might be able to provide a healthy jolt of energy on a sluggish day.  It wasn’t so tingly that it burned which I have experienced with other products, especially lip plumpers. The cherry was also a yummy flavor but the aroma of the strawberry was described as “light and creamy” and produced a very faint scent that I could not be pinpointed as strawberry or anything mind blowing.  The plain ones do not smell bad but there was a slight odor that would be better with a delectable scent coating it such as the mint or cherry.

Lava is one of the shimmer pigments and I love that it has barely visible shimmer and works as a way to moisturize your lips while producing a dreamy red tint.  The red is stronger than the pink and the gold shimmers and the one that appears the least “glimmer-like.” Lava is the perfect shade for parties and it would be even better layered on top of a dab of the peppermint or cherry so you’re prepared for a moment that just may be the perfect kiss.  I recommend layering the standstone (gold) or the basic shimmer since they are a little faint and would make a much better top coat, especially if you are going for drama or that “notice me” appearance.  As for the pink blossom, it looks nice on its own when you are trying to flaunt a modest, wholesome look.

I am glad I discovered Neauties which I will now be toting everyone, popping each one in a different purse.  All shimmer shades are $10.50 and all originals lip glosses are sold for $9.50. To check out more information  or to purchase one, many, or all click here.