Beauty Tips

You don’t need a personal makeup artist and endless budget to look fabulous. Here are some makeup tips that will help you save money and look great:

1. Indulge in cheap brushes- Use the sample brushes (the ones with the black stem and white slanted tip) from Sephora to apply liner with any color eye-shadow. Liquid liner dries out quickly and pencil liners always need to be sharpened, but choosing any shade of the rainbow in a powder allows you to achieve a light, slightly imprecise look. The brushes also work well for gel-liner which is my favorite choice because it’s bold, you can be apply it above or below the eye, and it manages to stay in place. I can’t find these brushes in online, but I did find an equally useful option– Precision Tips by Q-tips. Although they are fuller, they actually provide more uses and easily create a great smokey eye. Q-tips, $2.75 for 170

2. Sleep on a satin pillowcase- It is reportedly good for your hair and skin, but who needs an excuse to sleep on satin anyway? It’s smoother than rough cotton fibers, helping to reduce wrinkles and allowing your moisturizer to absorb on your face rather than on your sheet. As an added bonus, it is supposed to keep flyaways and general bedhead at bay. Pillowcase, $7.50

3. Use Pinterest for Expensive Styling Tips- Look no further than your favorite collage site to never waste another day with boring hair. What’s more is that a lot of pins give step by step instructions. You can work at your own pace because it’s done through a series of pictures rather than a video. Always wanted to try out a knotty ponytail?  Pinterest Ponytail



*Picture from The Beauty Department