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These are four of the current top deals at The Fashion Scoop:

Men’s French Connection Plaid Button Down Was $88 Now $35, Save 60%

Green Ford Silk Skirt: Was $258 Now $51, Save 80%

Nude Moschino Cheap and Chic Heels: Was $395 Now $79, Save 80%

Hunter Red Wool Coat: Was $525 Now $236, Save 55%

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Create Your Own Fashion Collection!

Have you ever dreamed of a getting a store or a designer to assemble a collection exclusively for you?  Well now you have the chance to view a selection of personalized clothing and accessories handpicked specifically for you and your style.  All you have to do is answer the questions below in an email (or respond as a comment) and I will proceed by crafting the collection of your dreams at The Fashion Scoop!  I will email you back within 24 with a link to your collection without any pressure to buy everything or even anything on the site. The collection, however, will be left up for you to get ideas or in case you want to hold off on buying something until later.  If you email me all your answers will be kept confidential, except for the first name you give which will appear as the link to where you can view all the pretty things you covet.

Please fill this out and send it back to me at

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