Designer Corner- Betsey Johnson

For my first designer corner I have selected the wild and wacky Betsey Johnson, one of my personal favorites.  You know her for her bold designs, sweet as sugar tea party dresses, and mixing of rock-star punk and girlie glam.

These are my tips for shopping Betsey:

1.     The jewelry is worth checking out!  If you cannot shell out $400 on a dress, or do not plan on attending a country club wedding in the next month, you can spend a lot less for a one-of-a-kind and simply adorable accessory.

2.     Look for Betsey trademark items.  It would be absurd to pass over all the pink tulle and buy a basic LBD.  If you’re going to be shopping Betsey you may as well buy like Betsey…her clothes did not become famous because they were plain and demure.

3.     Shop for yourself, but keep in mind not everyone will share your opinion about how fabulous your new elaborate top is.  Because some of the clothing is a very loud and a particular style that appeals more to females, you may find yourself with a baffled boyfriend left wondering why you are buried under complicated folds of flowered fabric.  However, as long as you’re confident and love it, you will pull it off.  Other people will see you as cool for being yourself and rocking something unexpected.

4.     They carry relaxing but insanely sexy pjs and lingerie that might be more agreeable for your boyfriend than the cupcake dress we are both drooling over.

Dress- $388

Dress- $279

Jacket- $318

Earrings- $45

Nightie- $60

*Pictures from Betsey Johnson

Spinning Into The Spotlight: Poufy Tulle Skirts

For the girl in me who never moved beyond ballet level one slippers, hoping to one day glide my feet into the ribbon lace-up point shoes of a professional ballerina, my dreams can still come true. This strenuous activity has brought style out to play with a specific origin of inspiration. You may remember how silk lingerie tops came back into style after 13 Going On 30 was released where Garner’s character debuts a nightie under a cute spring trench on her way to work at a women’s magazine. While in the movie the style is somewhat accidental, the trend reemerged in real life from the depths of the 1980s, alive again in the 2000s. It become an intentional staple under suits, or fully exposed as party tops.









This year the Oscar nominated movie, Black Swan, hit the big screen with rave reviews, especially praising Natalie Portman’s and Mila Kunis’ performances. I skipped the show after hearing about the graphic scenes which sounded less than tantalizing, but my praise would certainly have stemmed from the beautiful costumes. After movies grace us with visions of splendor, they also plant the seeds for trends. This brings me to announcing one of my favorite trends thus far of 2011, the tutu. Well by tutu, I really mean petticoat or tulle skirt, words that will land you many more valuable results on a google search than “tutu.” You probably do not want to go to a non-themed party in a tulle skirt with excessive volume, (hence a tutu) but with limited layers and decent length, this can make a stellar bottom. The elegance of dancers is right on point with the beauty of spring clothing for 2011. I was first wowed by this trend when I saw BCBG skirts on display at Lord and Taylor, but having been unsuccessful relocating them online, you may want to check department stores that carry the brand to see if they are still in stock.

These are my picks for the tutu/petticoat trend: $60

American Apparel- $74

*Pictures from American Apparel and Betsey Johnson